Lions Peak Vineyard - Paso Robles, Ca. WineLions Peak Vineyards - Paso Robles, Ca. WinesLions Peak Vineyards - Paso Robles, Ca. Wines
Lions Peak wines are classic in quality

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Wine Gowring as an Art

Beautiful Lions Peak Vineyards are very special. The proprietors are committed to bringing together the finest resources available: superb fruit, the finest French oak cooperage, and the skill and patience to allow the wines to reach their ultimate potential.

Lions Peak wines are classic in quality, complex on the palate, and memorable in the finish. The Style is bold and intense. The Premium Estate Wines, the Bordeaux blends, the Rhone varietals, and the small lots of noteworthy wines add to Lions Peak's portfolio.                                                             
Lions Peak is the home of award-winning wines that display depth and elegance with perfect balance and harmony. We have created them for all who believe in the love of fine wine.


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