Our beginnings



Our history begins on a Valentine’s Day with the purchase of a Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard in the Estrella AVA outside of Paso Robles. The vineyard’s first 25 acres were planted by Philip Doub, who was one of the founders of the Cal Poly Viticulture Department. The total overall property included 40 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon vines, a country Victorian home, a barn, two black Labradors and two cats! It has been said that the vineyard was purchased for the two dogs and the two cats. Looking back, that statement remains vivid and somewhat accurate according to Jennifer; however, an incredibly special large oak tree and porch that wrapped around three sides of the house continue to linger as the foundation of the site in Jenn’s mind. Other memories  reflect on the spectacular views views and the stellar sunsets throughout the year. 

Living on the Wine Farm took a great deal of adjustment. Although Jennifer Soni’s family had been farmers for three plus generations, living in the rural countryside with a young daughter was a new experience after living in Long Beach.

During the early years, the family lived on the farm and sold their crops to several wineries on the Central Coast and Northern California. With the 1994 vintage is when 20 tons of grapes were held back that would become the basis for what would become Lions Peak. From that time moving forward Lions Peak became more than a vineyard.

Jennifer Soni has actively been a major player in the farming and production of the family’s wines and would be the first to tell you that the quality of fine wines begins in the vineyard. This is the foundation of how Lions Peak Wine began. Whether it was their vineyard fruit or from fruit that Jennifer sourced from Paso Robles, Edna Valley, Monterrey, St. Rita Hills, and Santa Barbara AVA throughout her 30 years in the wine industry, her focus has been on producing small amount of ultra-premium hand-crafted red wines. However, Lions Peak has engaged in producing delicate, well-balanced white wines which range from traditional Chardonnays to Viognier, Marsanne, Roussanne, and white blends.

Jennifer Soni is known for her Old-World style wines which are handcrafted in small French Oak cooperage.



Lions Peak is known for establishing many ‘firsts.’ Lions Peak history of winery tasting room began in downtown Paso Robles in the late 1990’s when Jennifer Soni was told that downtown tasting rooms would never be successful! Today Lions Peak continues to flourish with its downtown tasting room in Solvang and plans for their second tasting room in Westlake Village. The wine industry has followed Jennifer Soni’s pioneer adventure in the World of Wine with tasting rooms that are favorable for those who wish to visit multiple tasting rooms and other attractions in a downtown environment!



Over the 30 years of farming and winemaking, Lions Peak combined traditional Old-World methods—like hand-harvesting and small-barrel aging in French oak—with New World technology. Winemaker Jennifer Soni realized that stellar wines began in the vineyard and has been passionate about producing wines that are distinctive, balanced, and food friendly.

The wine is produced in small lots with a combination of traditional winemaking approach. New percentages of French oak cooperage are implemented to create wines with complex flavor profiles. Lions Peak historically has cellared the reds for two years or longer to create elegance and finesse in the wines

Total annual case production is approximately 1500 cases, although production varies from year to year. The wines are made in a style so they pair wonderfully with rich, flavorful foods and will age for many years. All these wines are best paired with food or cellared for several years. Lions Peak is focused on producing wines that are climate friendly and are sustainable for years to come.


Once the grapes are harvested, we sort, select, age, taste, blend and decide what goes into every bottle. We are making wines we want you to meet. Meticulously handcrafted at the winery in Paso Robles, our wines are featured at our tasting rooms, through our wine clubs, and online sales which can be shipped directly to your door. After decades of industry experience, we modified our vision of consumer direct. After decades of industry experience, making wine reflects our wisdom and vision. 

Lions Peak has produced exceptionally low tonnage and extremely high-quality fruit, resulting in Bordeaux and Rhone varietal style wines with distinct character. Lions Peak has historically used only its grapes or grapes that are sourced from select AVA’s and vineyards to ensure top quality.