Our Vineyard

Our Vineyard


New beginnings

From our inception in the early 1990s, our guiding star has always been creating the absolute best wines for discerning wine enthusiasts. Based on our knowledge at the time and the opportunities that came our way, the path to this goal was to vertically integrate a grape-growing enterprise with wine making and wine retailing. In essence, three integrated businesses with one goal: providing our customers with the finest wines at the best possible, most affordable price. We worked hard at all three businesses, took a few breaks along the way and, of course, learned a lot about wine-making technology and the quality tips of the wine industry.  

Along the way, we discovered that, contrary to public perception, Lions Peak could only go so far toward reaching our goal by growing our own grapes. This knowledge, common sense, and commitment to fair-dealing has evolved Lions Peak Fine Wines to the threshold of our next evolution: (1) Buy the best fruit that we can find throughout the Central Coast so that we can take the quality of our wines to the next level; (2) focus on the selection of wine varietals which Lions Peak brand produces from select AVA’s: and (3) adding a new location to better serve our Southern California and national customers.  


We’ve already taken the first big step by selling our Paso Robles vineyard and focusing on buying only the best fruit available from recognized growers throughout the Paso Robles Santa Barbara, and Monterrey appellations in the Central California Coast. Our second goal is establishing a wine collection that reflects our winemaker’s passion to produce a selection of red and white wines based on Terroir. 

By year’s end, we will begin work on our second location in the Thousand Oaks-Westlake Village area on the Northwest edge of Los Angeles which is located more toward the center of Southern California. 

Taking this additional step of diversification, Lions Peak will be a more lucrative position to provide you with boutique wines from select regions in the Central Coast that winemaker- sommelier is excited to produce.