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To: Lions Peak’s Family and Friends

As write you the latest news at Lions Peak, it is my honor to share with you this special part of the Paso Robles AVA’s history with you. Lions Peak represents my life’s journey over the past 30 years, and if you believe in karma or destiny, the steps that I chose to take in my life brought me to engage in the creative process of making fine wines and engaging with all of you, my friends.

Perhaps the original owner, Philip Doub felt as I do about the vineyard that I call home. I cannot say for certain except I live in the home that he and his family built, and I cherish the vines and grounds that began 50 years ago by Phil. To most of us it is a lifetime ago: however, I me it only seems that it was yesterday, when I first set foot on this property that I now call home. Having the opportunity to live with nature has rooted me with the essence of my life. Living in a country setting where the view of the distant mountains and the beauty of the vines, the roses, lavender, lemon, and olive trees are experienced daily is a gift. Those of you that have been club members for many years understand the transformation that I have personally experienced over the years transforming the vineyard and wines. I have been blessed in this life. I continue to produce wines and I thank you for being part of my wine family.

  Harvest 2019  

Harvest 2019 and Estate Vine Diversity

The 2019 harvest was the latest one in Lions Peak’s history. The rainfall over the winter was approximately 35 inches which caused bud break and flowering to be later than usual. We had some shattering and with cool temperatures and experienced the later growing season. The heat spiked up in August with temperatures exceeding the 90’s and some days reaching into the 100’s followed by cooler periods which caused version and harvest to be delayed. For us our 2019 harvest occurred in November.

After the 2019 harvest, we decided it was time to start ripping out Block 1 and 2 and add more diversity to our Estate wines. The historical Block 3 that was planted in the 1970’s by Phil will remain in part. These old Cabernet Sauvignon vines represent the legacy of Lions Peak and the Paso Robles AVA, and I want to share this legacy with you. The new planting for Block 1 and Block 2 this in 2020 will be these varietals: Carménère Malbec, Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Viognier, and Marsanne.

In 2021, we shall finish planting the remainder of blocks 1 and 2 with these varietals: Roussanne, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Torrontes ,Carrigan, Petite Sirah, and Zinfandel. The 15-acre block was previously 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. We are extremely excited to implement this diversity to the Estate vineyard. Therefore, Lions Peak is in the process of having 100% of our wines be Estate and Organic.

  Winery At the Vineyard  

The county has permitted us to begin the renovation of our historical barn for our Estate Winery ‘ Tasting Room and crush pad for our first phase at Lions Peak Vineyard. The second phase will have additional storage for our case goods. The grapes that we produce will be used in our Lions Peak brand and the new BFF and j. rose brands.

Those of you who have followed us know that this has been a major endeavor to accomplish. This is the second time that I have gone through this process with the county; however, this time it has been become difficult to obtain the permit due to new county regulation.

The winery and tasting room are located on the hillside overlooking the vineyard. The views are spectacular, and the plan is to make it possible for you to enjoy this special part of nature year-round. You will be able to view Lions Peak’s Vineyard and taste one or many of our Bordeaux and Rhone wines! At this time our plan is to have special events for club members at the Estate home.

  New Releases at Lions Peak  

In July of 2019 we bottled Lions Peak’s 2017 Bordeaux Merlot, Petit Verdot, Malbec, and Cabernet Franc line up. The wine has been bottle aging, and we released our 2017 Bordeaux Reds on Valentine. The new Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Merlot, and Malbec are exceptional. The 2017 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve will be bottled in March which has been barrel aged in new Natalie French oak. All these Bordeaux reds wines have been barreled aged in new French oak which have added to their complexity and taste profile. Personally, it is my belief that these are some of our best Bordeaux reds which we have produced to date!

In March and April 2020 Lions Peak line up will be our Bordeaux blends, as well as our 2018 Zinfandels, and our 2019 Viognier,2019 Chardonnay, 2019 Lulu, 2019 Grenache Rosé and Grenache Blanc, The Sisters, and a Chardonnay-Torrontes blend. In addition to our signature reds, due to the demand for whites, Lions Peak is bringing back some lovely new white wines. Our team is exceptionally excited about all the new wines.

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  New Releases at Lions Peak  

We have provided you a rough outline of events; however, throughout the year we shall be sending you the details of each planned activity or view our website for information. On the web site we have a more detailed presentation of our events for you to view.

Lions Peak Tasting Room will have on going live music ever Saturday from 4-6-7 and on holiday weekends on Sundays. Friday evening beginning in May, look for a diversified schedule of evening events from movie night, wine and cheese pairing to wine a chocolate pairings.

The web site is lionspeakwines.com. Also, in the event you have any questions beyond what is listed on the web site, we recommend that you contact the tasting room for assistance at: 805.693.5466. One of our Tasting Room Associates will be able to assist you with your questions.

Release Party

March & 28th ~ 5-7:30

Garagiste Festival 2020

APRIL 17th, 18th, 19th
GARAGISTE FESTIVAL SOLVANG VETREANS HALL. Join us on Friday evening at the Garagiste Festival 6-9 pm in Solvang’s Veterans Hall…

Vintners Festival

Friday, May 1st ~ 5:00 to 7:30
VINTNERS FESTIVAL EVENT AT LIONS PEAK TASTING ROOM. We start our Vintners Wine Festival Weekend with a Lions Peak wine and cheese tasting!

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