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Available:  In Stock $200.00
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Size: 2250 ml

Roar with the Lions Special!  This collection comes with a 20% discount nbsp;Both will be applied at checkout.

Red Bordeaux.  The reason(s) that many of us love wine.  Our love for these wines is the primary reason that we bought Lions Peak and got into the business so many years ago.

These three bottles provide distinct and delicious points of view on this incredible category. 

Our Reserve Cab is Best in Show.  We source this from one of the oldest blocks in our vineyard (more than 50 years old).  There's something about the terroir in that block that brings out the absolute best in the grapes.  In the glass, you'll find notes of vanilla and tobacco to go along with dark fruits like blackberries and cherries.  This is the embodiment of Paso Robles Cab at its finest.

There's so much going on with the Merlot.  There are notes of red fruit such as raspberries and cherries but there are hints of blueberries in there too.  There is cedar, vanilla, and chocolate is woven throughout.  We aged it in 50% new French oak to give it a backbone but not enough to get in the way of the velvety fruit.  

Finally, Lionnesse.  We have had many say that this is their favorite wine of the lot.  It's a blend of 80% Cab, 15% Merlot, and 5% Cab Franc.  A delicious marriage of old world and new world.  You get a little bit of everything here with earth and bright fruit.  Elegant and delicious.


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